New Look

Keep things Moving
We have two state-of-the-art distribution centers based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire. They handle three million units of stock per week, operate 24 hours a day and are open 365 days a year.

To keep the business moving, our Transport Team delivers stock up and down the country, working through the night to cause less disruption to the busy roads and our stores.
shift manager
Our shift managers lead the distribution teams, making sure their department is productive and efficient. We need shift managers who are full of ideas, can inspire those around them and make sound business decisions.

Through good management, they make sure that the team is developing and working to its best ability so that, ultimately, our stores and customers get the service they deserve.
Team leader
Supporting the shift manager are our team leaders. Their role is to motivate the teams, making sure that standards, orders and targets are met.
It’s a really involving, focused and driven role, and one that needs great motivational skills to get the best out of those around you.

Showing drive, resourcefulness and management ability will put you on track to one day becoming shift manager.
Warehouse colleagues
Our warehouse colleagues are what make the warehouse such a lively, fun and team-focused place to work. We have an in-house development programme to help our warehouse colleagues develop skills and climb the career ladder.

If you have the right approach, team-focus and passion to get the job done, the programme is a great way to learn, earn rewards and develop your career to Specialise in an area of distribution like goods Incoming, loading or ecommerce.